WoW Moviewatch: Valley of the Damned, Episode 01: Forbidden

Michael Gray
M. Gray|06.10.09

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WoW Moviewatch: Valley of the Damned, Episode 01: Forbidden

Valley of the Damned, Episode 01: Forbidden is the first part of an ongoing series by Cerinne, whose previous credits were mostly focused on raiding videos. Valley of the Damned is a character-driven story which takes place before the Scourge Invasion and the Third War. Lady Fierine Calloun is a noblewoman who comes to Dalaran to be trained in the ways of magic, and begins uncovering more about the "dark arts" than she was expecting.

For a first episode from a relatively new machinimist, I was fairly pleased with Valley of the Damned. The voice acting needs a little polish, but I thought the actors did a pretty good job portraying their characters. The scripting did a good job of setting the pace and tone for the series' world, but hopefully the next episode will be a little faster paced.

The animation is based purely on in-game graphics, with the odd filter thrown in here and there. I actually found that to be a strong point in favor of Valley of the Damned, because it lets the viewer "live" in the story the same way they'd escape into the game. It roots the episode to our in-game experiences, instead of creating a wholly different world which just happens to be using WoW graphics.


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