Alleged shot of Motorola Morrison for T-Mobile has us swinging wildly betwixt love and disgust

Is the world ready for a white, black, and shiny metallic blue Android phone? Well, the world may not have to be -- but we strongly suspect this picture claiming to be the Motorola "Morrison" for T-Mobile USA is real since it exactly matches the thumbnail in that leaked roadmap from a while back. We can only guess from the coloration that this is likely going to be billed as a youth device -- and Motorola's said in the past that it wants to build its Android lineup around a social networking platform, which all the kiddies are into these days -- so we're thinking this could end up being positioned below the G1 and its contemporaries / successors in T-Mobile's catalog. Would we buy it? Yeah, maybe -- the keyboard looks usable, but maybe we're still so Android-starved around here that our judgment can't be trusted.

[Thanks, Stanley]