NCsoft reveals Beluslan in a video tour

Lesley Smith
L. Smith|06.25.09

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NCsoft reveals Beluslan in a video tour

There might be another week until the next stage of the Aion beta but NCsoft are ramping up the excitement surrounding their next big MMO. Today they released a video showcasing yet another part of the rich world of Atreia. Profiling the Asmodian zone of Beluslan, the short video offers an eagle's eye view of what we can expect when the game goes on sale in September.

Join us after the jump for NCsoft's take on the zone as well as the video itself.
While we've already glimpsed several zones during the first and second Closed Beta Tests, there are still many left to discover and NCsoft are keen to tease Beluslan's harshness, especially when compared to the zones we've already visited like Poeta, Verteron, Altgard and Ishalgen. In a press release, they mention Anair Harbor where the sea has frozen solid and go on to describe the bitter nature of this icy local:

"Even by the standards of Asmodae, already a harsh and inhospitable land, Beluslan is particularly icy and forbidding. What life there is clings to existence on the rocky slopes and foothills of Chaos Pass, or is twisted into strange and disturbing forms on the Black Plains and in Giant's Valley.

"Kurngalfsberg, once a thriving city, fell under the disapproving gaze of Ereshkigal, one of the Dragon Lords in the world of Aion, and in a fit of ire he encased it in ice. Now it lies deserted by human and Daeva alike; only the beasts of the tundra can live there amidst the bone-chilling winds and the drifts of snow. Kistenian and his fellow Flame Daevas hope to breathe life back into it with the help of the ancient tree people, the Elim."

Aion: The Tower of Eternity is released on September 22nd in the US and in Europe a few days later on the 25th. Don't forget the beta tests are running during specific weekends from here till August and Team Massively will be bringing all kinds of news from Atreia. For now, check out the video below.

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