Video of new Night Elf Druid forms in 3.2

Allison Robert
A. Robert|06.30.09

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And here are the Night Elf forms! I think I've avoided some of the annoying audio issues from the video on the 3.2 Tauren Druid forms, and I've also included an extended shot of the NE cat form's run animation, as it's one of the things that really distinguishes the bigger, sleeker cat model from its live counterpart. Unfortunately, they haven't fixed the bug where one of the bear models (the one linked to the NE's green hair) is unavailable (you'll get the black bear form instead), so only 4 of the 5 new bear colors could be included here.

If you're unable to play this with audio, the pertinent commentary is that: a). I tried to keep the camera as close as possible to help people appreciate the detail, mostly because: b). A lot of the subtler color distinctions just don't come across very well on the capture, and I think I spent too much time trying to get every angle as a result: c). The forms are really gorgeous, and the NE cat in motion is lovely, and: d). I'm still a dork.

UPDATE: A new PTR build went live late last night after the video was completed and uploaded, and Blizzard fixed the bug where one of the Night Elf bear forms was unavailable. I've included pictures past the cut.

This will be one of the more visually interesting bear forms available to Night Elves, and it's the option available with green hair.

Other highlights of the new PTR build include the continuing bug with visible weapons in Tauren Cat form (very funny, but the video I've shot of it is too dark to be usable, so I'll try to get a picture today) and a wonderful (albeit equally funny) bug where Improved Leader of the Pack procs off every crit in bear and cat form with what appears to be no cooldown. Swiping a trash pull and instantly healing yourself for 3-5K+ health each time is the sort of thing you could get used to alarmingly fast, so it was with great reluctance and much wailing and gnashing of teeth that a bug report was submitted.

I'm working on cutting the NE forms video to a YouTube (read: < 10 minutes) format but have run into some technical difficulties of the PEBKAC variety. Stay tuned!
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