Activision confirms delay of Wolfenstein to 'week beginning August 17'

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(click to mecha-Hitler size)

Joystiq received official word from Activision this afternoon that, corroborating recent retailer listings, the upcoming Raven Software-developed Wolfenstein reboot is being pushed back to "the week beginning August 17." Earlier today, Shacknews discovered listings on GameStop and Amazon's websites proposing a two week delay, with the game presumably arriving on store shelves August 18. According to Activision, the new release date is "to facilitate a simultaneous global release window" -- we're hoping that's all a ruse and Raven's actually sneaking in Wolfenstein 3D's amazing final boss.

The good news? The game still features a horde of Nazis, lining up to meet their fate at the business end of your peacemaker. The bad news? It's also still a fairly generic shooter set in World War II (albeit an alternate reality version). With any luck, a demo for the game will be hitting Xbox Live and PlayStation Network just before the game's release and you can find out for yourself just how much (or how little) you need to get your feet into B.J. Blazkowicz's shoes.

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