Microsoft trademark application hints at cross-platform "OneApp" app store

Microsoft's attention may now be focused on Windows Marketplace, but a recently filed trademark application seems to suggest that the company could maybe, possibly have something even bigger in store for the future. As noted by istartedsomething, Microsoft is going after the name "ONEAPP" (or "One Application"), which it describes as a trademark for "online retail store services facilitating the download of computer software for use on mobile phones, media players and other portable electronic devices." Now, putting two and two together, that would seem to indicate that Windows Mobile phones and devices like the Zune HD would not only share a single branded app store, but the actual apps as well -- which isn't so much of a stretch, if not for the fact that Microsoft has already invested itself so heavily in Windows Marketplace. Then again, it could very well be just yet another name that Microsoft likes but has no real intention of using.

[Via istartedsomething, thanks Chris]