The Daily Grind: Have you re-rolled on Darkfall's NA server?

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|07.15.09

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The Daily Grind: Have you re-rolled on Darkfall's NA server?

Fifty bucks isn't chump change in this economy, but it's what Aventurine is asking as the price of admission to their new North American Darkfall server. If you want in you need to purchase a brand new account, and that brand new account is the price of a brand new game.

But, you get to play in a server that's starting from scratch. Everyone is once again on the same level, the cities were open for capture (briefly, then they all got taken,) and the mystery of the world has been re-opened. Aventurine has thrown down many fixes since the original launch, leading some people to call the EU server the "paid beta" while the NA server is the "true launch."

What we want to know is what are your feelings, Massively readers? If you play Darkfall, have you gone over to the new server? Why or why not? Are you waiting for the transfer after three months? Even if you don't play, would you switch servers if the new server came with a 50 dollar price tag? Or would you jump onto Darkfall just to be in the new NA server?

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