Killzone 2 'Napalm & Cordite' expansion dated for July 23

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The first rumblings of Killzone 2's next DLC pack, Napalm & Cordite, came over the wire last week. Now we have a date -- and details. Hitting on July 23 (that's next Thursday!) the expansion includes two new maps: "Suljeva Cliffside" and "Arctower Landing." Both are rooted in locations from the single-player campaign; the former taking place near the Suljeva mining village, the latter in the urban hotzone of Blood Meridian.

The pack's release will also usher in the ability to use two more of the campaign mode's weapons in multiplayer -- but only on the new maps. The VC1 Flamethrower will appear for use on Suljeva Cliffside, while Arctower Landing will offer the opportunity to say "I love you" to your enemies using the Boltgun 4400.
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