PlayStation motion controller accuracy 'scarily good'

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PlayStation motion controller accuracy 'scarily good'
Just how accurate is the PlayStation motion controller? When Eurogamer asked at the Develop conference if was more advanced than the motion technology in its nearest competitor, the Wii Remote, Paul Holman, SCEE vice president of research and development, confidently responded, "Oh, totally. It's another generation forward, or even a couple of generations."

Kish Hirani, head of developer services, offered an example. "What I personally love is to be able to write your name," he said. "Grab a mouse and write your name; it's difficult. The mouse uses very old motion-tracking technology, and to be able to write your name on the screen -- that's the precision you're getting. You've physically got a chalk in your hand, you're in front of the blackboard and you're writing. That's the level of precision involved." In other words, "It's scarily good," Hirani suggested.

Writing your name may not be the chief gameplay innovation this new device heralds, but it's an example of what's possible. In terms of what can be done in games, both Holman and Hirani mentioned the fact that, since the technology combines a controller, a camera and a microphone, developers will have choices. Hirani said that "designing your game becomes like cherry picking -- grabbing what you want from these new technologies."
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