User manual for Garmin's connected nuvi 1690 reveals "nuinfo" service branding

The connected PND, by most accounts, is a dying breed. Dash couldn't pull it off, TomTom's execution was downright pathetic and no one even remembers that Insignia made one. But considering that Garmin's nüvi range has always delivered, we're going to let the nüvi 1690 ship before passing judgment. Said navigator, which just slipped into the FCC's database a fortnight ago, didn't have too many details attached to it, but a recently discovered user manual reveals that although Garmin's local-data service will be powered by Google, the company has branded it with the virtually-unpronounceable name "nuinfo." Yeah, we have no idea, but we're definitely interested in finding out what the ultimate plan is -- the shots of the device in the manual lead us to believe that local weather information will be on tap in addition to the usual waypoint searching and so forth, but unless Garmin throws these so-called "connected services" in gratis, every smartphone owner on the planet will simply laugh and move on.

[Via GPS Tracklog]