Guildwatch: Easy as 1 2 3

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|08.19.09

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Guildwatch: Easy as 1 2 3

Here's another fun guild kill shot, this one from Carpe Incursio, a raiding guild on Eitrigg. The guild actually has its own Flickr account, where you can see lots of other fun shots and pictures. Pretty groovy. Plus, we can't really pass up anything with that many voodoo Gnomes.

Lots more fun guild stuff in this week's GW, including yet another YouTube Vent recording, and more Yogg Saron downings than you can shake an ilvl 226 stick at. Hit the link below to read on.

  • Couple of big guilds on my old server Thunderhorn (woot T-horn) merged recently: both Wicked and Death without Dishonor formed up to become Resurgence. There's been a lack of raiding in both guilds lately, and they're hoping that the new guild can get some downeds done. Sounds good to me.
  • Aftermath on Twisting Nether ninja'd a piece from VoA, and then they have the audacity to show up in the thread posting a recruiting notice. A for sheer audacity, F for ever grouping with them again. You can laugh at getting a reputation for doing something bad, but that doesn't mean you don't get that reputation.
  • Two folks in On the Drop of Borean Tundra decided at one in the morning recently that their guild wasn't progressing enough in raiding, and disbanded the guild, taking along with them 16k gold and 200+ Abyss Crystals. They reportedly moved off to another server, but unfortunately we're not told which one. We have one question: if they're so bad at raiding, what's with the 200 Abyss Crystals?
  • Here's an anti-drama story: how to break up a guild bank. Not by the usual smash and grab method, but actually by trying to make it fair when a guild does break up. Unfortunately, it's not mentioned which guild this was used with (or if it was used by a real guild at all -- maybe it's not possible to fairly distribute a bank among a guild that's breaking up), but if your guild is about to fall apart, maybe it'll help.
  • Surreality on Black Dragonflight-H not only hit their two-year anniversary recently, but their GM also announced her engagement: she's marrying the guild's raidleader, her long-time boyfriend who lives 1200 miles away in a completely different country. Quite a story, and apparently they'll have a progression-based family: the guild is also one of the few Ulduar-clearing guilds on the server.
  • Iron Sharpening Iron on Dragonblight has been accused of ninja'ing loot on PuG runs, but that's only the start of their problems: they claim (without proof, as you can see at the end of the page) that Adamant is secretly sneaking their officer alts into the guild to steal away raiders. Fortunately, even if Adamant and ISI can't work it out amongst themselves, Dragonblight has some good suggestions for how to fix things once and for all.
  • The leadership of Evil Avatar on Vashj reportedly decided a while back that they wanted to reform into just a 10-man guild, so one day, they tossed out all but 10 players. They definitely didn't consult anyone they kicked, and we hear they didn't even consult some of the keepers, just let them log in to a smaller guild than they'd been in the day before. Interesting tactic. But here's the kicker: apparently they kept the entire bank, full of items from both the ten chosen as well as the kicked. Classy!
  • "I had seen my position on this server for a long time. Without a doubt or uncertainty on my mind, I knew I was one of the top 3 Tanks on this server if not the one." When it starts out with a bragging egomaniac like that complaining that he can't find a guild on the server (and is so frustrated he's going to transfer), you know this thread is going to be good. Make sure you stick with it, too, and you'll be rewarded with gems like this: "For me getting in a guild is as easy as 1 2 3 regardless of whether they're an amazing top guild or low, hell i don't even need to apply on a forum as cocky as that sounds but it's true." Really? "Easy as 1 2 3"? Then why are you begging to be invited to a guild on the realm forums again?
  • Speaking of people who believe they're entitled to gear that they probably haven't earned anyway... there's this kid. And it comes complete with a YouTubed Vent recording (which, as you may guess, is completely NSFW). "I've been doing Naxx since the week Wrath came out, ok? Since the week Wrath came out!"
  • Finally, CUTIES ONLY on Kil'jaeden announces something less than conventional: they're planning to jump back to their former home of Nazjatar just to get the Death's Demise achievement and titles, and then skipping back off again. Obviously the locals aren't real thrilled, but what did they expect from trolling the forums like that? I would say that it would be funny if Blizzard somehow messed things up for them, but then again, they're paying Blizzard $50 a piece for all of the transferring, so Blizzard's probably down. More power to them and their pixels, I guess.
  • Unrest on Malfurion had their 10-man group drop Algalon -- they not only got their Starcaller titles, but they nabbed a server first kill, too. Grats!
  • Surrender Monkeys of Agamaggan is a core group of raiders who have been together on and off for 3 years. They recently stepped into late game 10-mans, and they've since dropped Yoggy, Sarth 3D, and are now working in hard mode Ulduar. Algalon is on notice -- they're hoping to beat the server's 25-man guilds to the kill.
  • The Renamed of Argent Dawn downed Algalon, and the whole server heard the relay code come through Dalaran. Nice.
  • Wraith on Eonar downed Thorim for the first time a little while ago. Hodir is on notice, if he isn't downed already.
  • Burning Vigor on EU Shattered Halls cleared out Ulduar 10 after defeating Yoggy the other week. Algalon is who we'll put on notice, so start burning down those hard modes.
  • Remains of Light from Elune has killed Yogg-Saron and is now focusing on hard modes. Flame Leviathan +3, Deconstructor, Assembly of Iron (Steelbreaker last) and Freya +1 have all been downed so far, and Algalon is the next big goal. Good luck!
  • The UnforOHGODBEEZ (on Spinebreaker, winner of this week's Best Guild Name award -- obviously) just downed Yogg-25. They raid two nights, three hours a week, which means picking the wrong raid or making too many mistakes could have killed their chances. But they persevered -- Rogues and Locks are being recruited, and hard modes are up next.
  • Infinity of Nesingwary was just formed in early June, but they've already finished off 10-man Yogg Saron. Grats! They're also recruiting: especially looking for exceptional DPS and healers.
  • Uprizing (Uldum) has finally downed General Vezax after months of wiping and not one but two guild "breakdowns." Nice job! On the downed, not the breakdowns. Yogg is on notice next.
  • Balance of Judgement (EU Darkmoon Faire-A) joined up with IDENTITY and Y Ddraegau into Ulduar 25 for the first time the other day, and one-shotted Flame Leviathan. XT-002 was tried, but he wasn't dropped yet. So he's on notice -- after some more Naxx farming.
  • Spellbound is a casual raiding guild on the Zangarmarsh server that just recently got 8/14, downing Freya, and completing XT on Heroic. Hodir and Kologarn are on notice for their respective raids.
  • Shadows of Time on Malorne has downed Yogg-Saron, making them one of only a handful of guilds on the server to do so. Grats!
  • Bone Brigade on Lightninghoof killed Mimiron 25 the other week, and they had Vezax on notice. We'll assume he's down by now, if not Yoggy himself. Wait -- itself?
  • Emerald Myth on EU Kilrogg downed three new bosses this week in Ulduar 25. After dying at Thorim for weeks he finally fell, followed by Freya and then Mimiron a day later, with Vezax a short while after that. Yoggy is shaking in his boots, we hear.
  • The NuGen Continues of EU Darkspear are makig good progress: Naxx 10 is on farm, and Naxx 25 and Ulduar 10 are being worked on.
  • Yingyang Eagles (of EU Argent Dawn) has finally cleared Naxx 10. They're a friendly casual PvE guild with RP and PvP elements "wherever appropriate."
  • Months Behind, an Alliance raiding guild on Mug'thol, downed Heroic Thorim hard mode a little while back. They also cleared out Heroic Iron Council hard mode (for an Alliance first), Hodir's hard mode and Yogg+3 in Heroic Ulduar the week before. In the 10-man, Mimiron and Vezax had their hard modes cleared, and they're now working on Algalon. They're also recruiting: ranged DPS, especially Hunters, and Holy Paladins.
  • Eminent Requital of Azgalor recently downed Mimiron and Thorim. Vezax is up next and they're chomping at the bit to take him down. A Mage or two to help out would be awesome as well, they say, if anyone is looking for a guild.
  • SelfDefending Networkers of Eonar-A downed Yogg Saron the other week, hitting 5th place for 10 man strict progression and 2nd place for 10 man strict achievements on their server. Nice job. And they even sent a video to prove it.
  • Fallout on Shadowmoon-H got 8/14 in their first night in Ulduar 10, and then headed to Naxx 10 the next day to get Undying, all by using only 9 members for the last five bosses. Grats!
  • Deviant, an Alliance guild on Thunderhorn, is recruiting non-raiders with a quirky sense of humor to hang out, run 5-mans, and maybe dive into 10-mans if they get enough together. They're not a raiding guild, though, and they have no website -- if you're looking for a casual guild to spend your narrow slice of gaming time with, they're your people.
  • Conquer (Gul'dan-H) is recruiting! They were a social/leveling guild and are now working on being a social/leveling/raiding guild! So if you want to get in on a raiding guild early on and have fun while doing it, please apply. They have the usual tabard/bank slots, forums, etc not to mention a great sense of humor and lots of fun. Apply on the site, or look them up in game.
  • From Morons to Icons on Cenarian Circle-A are recruiting for multiboxers. Yes that's right, a guild dedicated to the learning of how to one-shot your enemy! If you already know how then they're seeking teachers as well, from level one to 80.
  • Anachronism is a Horde-side guild forming on Moon Guard that's gearing up to turn off XP with the new patch, and start raiding old world content. The plan is to eventually have both level 60 and 70 raiding teams. So if you're in the mood for raiding the old way, hit them up.
  • Two Percent is one of Uldaman's oldest casual guilds, and they're looking for a few more raiders to fill out the pool. While everyone is welcome to apply, given that you're a (mostly) mature adult with a good sense of humor, they say they could really use a couple more healers. Two full 10-man groups are in Ulduar, but they need healers to manage it. So if you're looking for a stable, friendly family of folks, look them up.
  • Hugs N Stuff on Sentinels is looking for casual, friendly, and fun players in the range of 60-80 to grow and build as a group. They are a collection of members from experienced raiders, to brand new players; light RPers to heavy RPers. Currently the main focus is having fun, building friendships, helping all members through the tedious process of leveling, and Heroics grinding with the hopes to reach the goal of progressing through Naxx 10 and on up through all endgame content in a relaxed, and fun environment.
  • MostlyHarmless of Llane is looking for a few good DPS players. Hard modes are starting up now and they need some Mages/DPS in the kill list, so if you're interested, seek them out.
  • Knights of Entropy on Khadgar-A is recruiting. They are a causual guild that is currently 11/14 in Ulduar 10-man. They're working towards upgrading to Ulduar 25, and they need healers and a few DPS to round out their ranks. So if you're mature, friendly and focused on having a good time go check them out.
  • CIPHER on Antonidas-A is recruiting for 10-man progression with a possibility of moving into 25-man. They are a newly formed casual raiding guild focusing on 10s right now and are looking for mature players that can play well. All classes welcome, but healers and tanks are especially needed.
  • The Organization (server?) is recruiting geared players (2200+) for raiding. Must be skilled or willing to learn. They are currently running two 10-man Ulduar teams on the weekdays, and 25-man raids in the rest of endgame. They're looking primarily for raid healers (Druids and Shamans specifically) and some ranged DPS. Check the website to see what's needed and apply.
  • Mattachine Knights on Proudmoore-A is recruiting yet again. They're seeking experienced raiders and general social members for a GLBT-friendly endgame raid guild with a social side. They're actively seeking a variety of classes to supplement the ranks for raiding, but also social guildmates who just want to have fun. Please be relatively well-geared for raiding, and have a relatively incredible sense of humor for the rest.
That's it for this week's GW. You can send us drama, downed and recruiting tips at Please do your best to try and format them as you see above (faction letter after server, third person, short and sweet). Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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