GamesCom offers a closer look at the Sith Warrior class

Lesley Smith
L. Smith|08.21.09

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It seems Star Wars: The Old Republic is the next big thing. We've been raving about it for months and this week's GamesCom gave the press and, more importantly, the public a chance to get down and dirty with BioWare's biggest project to date. IGN took the time to nip to the Jedi Temple and revealed that BioWare were spoiling attendees with a brand spanking new demo focusing on the Sith, specifically the Warrior class.

Indeed they report this demo was basically a back to basics with this mysterious sect, focusing on their training on Korriban – could this be their starter area? They report it examines their mentality and beliefs within the Star Wars universe. After all, if you're going to roll a Sith you need to understand how their minds work as well as taking them down pits and killing giant worms. The piece is amazingly detailed and does more than enough to whet the appetites of Star Wars fans as well as Team Massively. Check it out by clicking here and you might want to start thinking up evil-sounding names while you're at it.
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