EA drops Clue, Snood, and The Game of Life onto iPhone

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Apparently EA Mobile didn't realize that Snood has long since lapsed as our drug of choice -- we've already found a more adept pusher in Popcap with Peggle, silly gooses! Alongside the aging methamphetamine, EA Mobile has dropped iPhone iterations of Clue and The Game of Life in the iPhone App Store for purchase as of today.

The games range from $3 to $5 and have already arrived on the App Store, though we bet you're 100k points deep in Drop7 this very minute, laughing while your personal assistant reads you off the titles of the three aforementioned games. "What is this hogwash you're telling me, Winston? Surely you jest -- these games are from an era that has long since passed!" We don't jest, dearest reader. We never do.

Clue: Clue
Snood: Snood
The Game of Life: The Game of Life
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