Archos 3 Vision PMP given one-handed shakeycam review

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|08.31.09

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Archos 3 Vision PMP given one-handed shakeycam review
Archos 3 Vision PMP given one-handed shakeycam review
Curious about how well the new Archos 3 Vision portable media player stacks up to its bulkier, more voluminous predecessors? Perhaps the video review after the break courtesy of Archos Fans forum user roylovelock will satiate your curiosity -- it will, at least, make you a bit queasy thanks to the handheld camerawork. Placed next to an Archos 5 the thing looks positively lilliputian, but its 3-inch touchscreen seems more than adequate and, while 8GB of storage may not be much, microSDHC expansion offsets that. The review praises the device's functionality, including integrated FM receiving and broadcasting as well as its seemingly solid hardware design and upwards of five hours of video battery life. Not so highly regarded is the non-responsive UI, with a curious on-screen thumbwheel that looks highly unintuitive -- at least when used by this particular thumb. The video below is informative but a bit painful to watch, so feel free to skip straight to roylovelock's written impressions on the other end of that read link, which are rather more easy to take in on a Monday morning.

[Via Archos Fans]

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