Engadget is live from IFA 2009 in Berlin, Engadget German tapped as official blog of the show!

Interesting fact about Berlin: all the buildings here look like spaceships! Also, the city plays host to the IFA tradeshow each year, a sprawling landscape of gadget treasure, and we're here to pick up where we left off last year. Today we've got a Sony press conference to look forward to, and tomorrow we'll be hit by a tidal wave of announcements from the rest of the industry -- or at least that's the plan. We'll also be hitting up the show floor soon enough with our pals from Engadget Spanish and Engadget German, the latter of which has been dubbed the official blog of the show! Engadget German will also be hosting a reader meetup on Saturday at the convention center, so stand by for more information on that. Naturally, all of this will take place within massive buildings that look like spaceships.