New downloadable Bonk, Bomberman found on Hudson's website [update]

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New downloadable Bonk, Bomberman found on Hudson's website [update]
NeoGAF user VideoMan discovered currently unannounced games on Hudson's website, including a multiplatform downloadable Bonk update, a Bomberman Live sequel, and a Wii/DS version of Big Fish Games' generically titled Rooms: The Main Building. Most of the pages have been removed, but Bonk is still up, and VideoMan saved the screenshots and product descriptions.

Bonk: Brink of Extinction is a WiiWare/PSN/Xbox Live Arcade 2.5D action platformer with online co-op (!) and eight different transformations. The 3D makeover the game has received is ... suboptimal, and the Adventure Island refresh wasn't great, but we can't help but be thrilled about the return of the Turbografx-16's mascot. It'll apparently be out first on XBLA in spring 2010.

Bomberman Live Battlefest is also coming to all three console download services, and adds new arenas, gametypes, and team play to, well, Bomberman. And Rooms: The Main Building seems to be a Wii/DS retail game, based on the PC slide-puzzle adventure.

We're contacting Hudson to learn what we can about the company's plans for these unannounced games.

Update: Hudson officially announced Bonk and Bomberman, and sent screens over. Screens for Bomberman and both the PSN/Xbox and WiiWare versions of Bonk can be found in our galleries.
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