NPR News app updated, improved

Mel Martin
M. Martin|09.17.09

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Mel Martin
September 17th, 2009
NPR News app updated, improved
The NPR News app [iTunes link] is quickly becoming a jack of all trades for news junkies and those wanting a quick fix of their favorite NPR program.

The latest version, 1.1, adds sharing of stories via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. You can now pause radio programs, as well as fast forward and rewind them.

Finding local stations is easy by using the iPhone's location services, or you can choose to listen to just about every NPR station in the country.

The news part of the app works pretty quickly on a 3G network, but I find the pop-up ads at the bottom irritating. I don't think there are enough news stories on screen at once, an issue it shares with the AP News app. The NPR app has been popular since the moment it was released, and the developers have continued to be responsive and add features on a regular basis.

Getting access to NPR programs like Car Talk and All Things Considered is very nice, plus you can listen to any individual news story on demand.

There is no search function, which would be most welcome, but overall the app is really useful and continues to improve.

If you don't have it, grab it for free. If you already have it and use it, be sure to update to this latest version.
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