Tiga calls UK tax support 'incoherent,' seeks national solution

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We're starting to notice that Tiga, the UK's trade association for the video game industry, is sort of like the tragic figure of Cassandra of Greek mythology (and ABBA's 1981 song) -- no matter how dire the prophecy, the powers that be won't listen. The latest warning from Tiga urges the English government to stop its "incoherent" funding system, which the organization deems a "post code lottery," for game companies in the region. It's a fancy way of saying that Tiga wants tax incentives and support through a national "Games Tax Relief" program, rather than the current system, which favors certain locales over others.

Tiga believes the national relief tax will create 1,400 jobs over five years and increase investment in a sector that'll likely continue its downward slide if nothing is done to support British game companies.

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