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FFXIV casts its second trailer spell

FFXIV casts its second trailer spell
Kyle Horner
Kyle Horner|September 24, 2009 11:00 AM

The latest trailer for Final Fantasy XIV is both lengthy and a blend of in-game and CG footage. Honestly, we're not even sure why Square Enix is bothering with any of the CG, because we'd be fine with everything being rendered in-engine. Still, it all looks beautiful and wonderfully imaginative in a way that you'd expect from a Final Fantasy game.

So, what information can we glean from the trailer? Well, there's probably going to be a card game to play and, uh, you'll be fighting monsters you're probably familiar with, but in a nice nostalgic way.

Beyond that, the video has some intermittent text -- as many Japanese RPG trailers are want to do -- and more of that big ship battle to soak in. Oh yeah and cat girls, there's always cat girls . See the video after the break.
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