Engadget Podcast 164 - 09.27.2009

It's been a crazy week in news, and after a couple cross-country flights the podcast crew is together and ready to break it all down. Join Josh, Paul and Nilay as they take on Microsoft's Courier tablet concept and rumored Pink smartphones, dish on the HTC Leo and Windows Mobile, debate the finer points of net neutrality, and talk over the highlights from the Intel Developer Forum and the Tokyo Game Show. Yeah, there's a ton here -- grab a snack and tune in!

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Song: Today

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00:02:34 - Microsoft's dual-screen Courier booklet emerges, isn't near production
00:06:18 - Codex and InkSeine -- the roots of Microsoft's Courier?
00:33:30 - Microsoft's Pink phones revealed?
00:43:00 - HTC Leo looking confirmed for O2 UK debut, will be free on the right plan
00:46:20 - Steve Ballmer talks 'three screens and a cloud' and more with TechCrunch
00:50:00 - Ballmer: Windows Mobile 7 should have been out, like, yesterday
00:55:58 - FCC chairman formally proposes net neutrality rules
00:58:45 - AT&T, Verizon poised to fight FCC's net neutrality stance on the wireless front
01:10:00 - AT&T's 3G MicroCell tested and reviewed by Charlottean: yes, it works
01:13:56 - Intel announces Moblin 2.1 for phones
01:18:07 - Dell announces Moblin Mini 10v at IDF (updated with pricing)
01:17:25 - Video: Moblin 2.1 for MIDs and phones, sort of in action
01:21:15 - USB 3.0 has a SuperSpeed coming-out party at IDF
01:22:44 - Video: Intel's Light Peak running an HD display while transferring files... on a hackintosh
01:28:40 - 13 PS3 motion control games confirmed for next year, motion-enhanced Biohazard 5 coming Spring 2010
01:30:03 - Nintendo finally confirms new $199 Wii price

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