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HD channel expansion roundup

HD channel expansion roundup
Richard Lawler
Richard Lawler|@Rjcc|September 29, 2009 11:51 PM
Once upon a time, a smattering of new HD channels in one major metropolitan area was a huge deal. Nowadays, it's almost expected that one area or another will experience some HD expansion each week. In order to keep things nice and tidy around here, we deliver high-def expansions, market expansions and anything else dealing with HD channel growth right here. If we missed an area that you're familiar with, drop us a line in comments so everyone can catch up. The more the merrier, we say! (Links continue after the break)

Read - Dish Network Adds 2 More HD Markets
Read - Comcast Boosts HD, Switches Basic Cable Channels to Digital (Michigan)
Read - Pace Connects Set-Tops With Rovi
Read - Valley TeleCom offers HD TV channels
Read - AT&T U-verse Arrives in Mobile
Read - DIRECTV Delivers Local HD Programming to Customers in Lexington, Ky.
Read - Comcast Boosts HD To 100+ Channels In Western Wayne (Michigan)
Read - Outdoor Channel Broadens Distribution in Oregon and Washington Markets Through Comcast...
Read - Mega TV Is the First Spanish-Language Network to Launch Its High Definition Service on the Comcast System in South Florida
Read - AT&T U-verse TV Customers Get More Free Enhancements for Fall TV Season
Read - AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Signs Two-Year Agreement to Deliver High-Definition Online Video With Microsoft Silverlight
Read - Cablevision rolls out interactive ads for viewers
Read - News 4 WOAI is now in high definition
Read - Wizards Announce TV Schedule
Read - 76ers announce 2009-10 TV schedule with CSN airing 71 games in HD
Read - DirecTV Fumbles NFL Package
Read - Oceanic Time Warner Cable to release five new HD channels (Hawaii)
Read - Outdoor Channel Reels in New York & New Jersey Viewers Through Distribution Agreement With Time Warner Cable
Read - Time Warner continues to unify O.C., L.A. cable TV systems
Read - Comcast launches 13 new channels in EL market (Ohio)
Read - Comcast changes cable lineup in Bristol area (Connecticut)
Read - Time Warner launches more HD channels (Palm Springs, CA)
Time Warner going to 100+ HD channels in NY by the end of September (Thanks, lilharm)