BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac releasing October 2

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|09.30.09

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac releasing October 2
BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac releasing October 2
A tiny little beta leak earlier this month let BlackBerry-toting Mac fans knew that something good was coming in the near future, and now we know it's very near indeed (though a bit later than expected). On October 2 RIM will release BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac, specifically at 1:00pm EST. That means instead of wrapping up your busy work-week being productive you can instead spend the afternoon fighting long download queues and playing around getting this app configured -- for purely work-related purposes of course, like syncing with iCal, Address Book, and automatically backing up contacts. Just don't tell your boss you'll also be able to sync your iTunes collection to your handset, including album art, something that should make Pre-owning Bob down the hall a little jealous. Again, the fun starts Friday afternoon at 1:00 EST. Clear your calendars accordingly.

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