Go out and steal oil in Planet Calypso's 10.1 update

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|10.09.09

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Go out and steal oil in Planet Calypso's 10.1 update

In a move to make our virtual lives eerily more like our real ones, the First Planet Company has re-opened the oil pumping station on Planet Calypso with patch 10.1, offering all players the chance to make a quick profit by grabbing oil from the pump -- if you can make it out alive, of course.

The pumping station is not only in the middle of the wasteland, but it's also surrounded by angry NPCs (the wastelanders) and it's right in the middle of an open PvP area. Sure, you can make a tidy profit by grabbing oil from the station, but you have to be efficient and sneaky about it. Otherwise, you'll just end up with a bullet in your back and your blood mixed with the oil.

Beyond the pumping station, mindforce teleportation has been re-enabled, allowing players to once again teleport themselves via "magic." Skill extraction and the gathering of rocks, fruit, and dung (yes, that's right, we said dung) has also been re-enabled, so those of us who don't want to invest money can make some PED currency.

If you're looking for all of the nitty gritty details, though, check out the patch notes over at Planet Calypso's main website.
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