The Daily Grind: Game card or credit card?

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|10.14.09

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The Daily Grind: Game card or credit card?
Yesterday we ran a story on this new game card hitting the market called the ONE game card, a card that you can pick up at your local store to redeem for a wide variety of games. That story got us thinking however, about game cards at large. How much do people use them? Are they widely accepted? And why use a game time card over a credit card?

How many of you Massively readers prefer going out and purchasing a time card / points card for your favorite online game instead of paying for it with your credit card? Why do you fine readers prefer your chosen method of payment? Do you find yourself buying more point cards for games that use cash shops while you pay subscription fees with a credit card, or do you really enjoy picking up time cards for your subscription games?

Drop us your comments and let us know how you feel about your payment plans!
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