Motorola Droid stands in for glamorous photo shoot

Ross Miller
R. Miller|10.19.09

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Motorola Droid stands in for glamorous photo shoot
What a difference two months make. It was late July when we first saw a render and spy shot of Motorola's "other" Android devices, the Verizon-bound Droid, a.k.a. the Artist Formerly Known as Sholes. Boy Genius Report has been teasing the handset for the better part of the week, and now it's giving us the full monty of the hardware, including its 5 megapixel autofocus camera on the back, and various Eclair-powered screens. Boy Genius himself notes that it's the fastest Android device he's used -- thank goodness for an authentic OMAP3 -- is "slightly" thicker than an iPhone 3GS, runs that Android 2.0 we've been hearing so much about, and includes a desktop cradle that turns the Droid into a glanceable display with weather and the like (sounds like a miniature Hub in a way, doesn't it?). Anyhow, you want all to see the whole show? You know just where to click.

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