Guildwatch: "Enjoy the Soviet Union"

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|10.21.09

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Guildwatch: "Enjoy the Soviet Union"

Oh my -- we've heard about undercutting prices on the AH before (and everyone knows that when you get undercut on the AH, you just buy the lower sales and bring them back up to your prices), but I don't think I've ever seen someone get quite so angry about it. Blueroot was just chugging along, selling Runecloth at what his Auctioneer claimed it should be, and all of a sudden Crunkya showed up, angry that he'd been undercut so much and had to invest so much money in someone that was clearly an Obama voter. Wait, what? Yeah, we're not sure how he got there either, but you can see the result above.

Lots more drama, as well as downed and recruiting news, in this week's Guildwatch, which starts up right after the break below. If you have a tip for us, from your guild or just a guild you've been following on your realm, please do take a second and email us about it at We get a lot of tips and it takes a lot of time to sift through them, but as long as you make it look like what you see below (keep it short and sweet, include all necessary guild info), you'll see it here.

  • Gentleman's Club on Korgath has been under some pressure recently -- they've been neck and neck with Drama over on the Alliance side (at least until Drama disbanded after nabbing the Yogg kill), and so their raidleader is a little aggravated with some of the raid's poor performance. Don't believe us? Listen in yourself to the vent recording, posted on YouTube (and NSFW, as most vent recordings are). We hear this recording actually came from members of Drama recording some Xfire streams, but it doesn't really matter where it came from -- that's a guy who is seriously frustrated by a video game.
  • Here's a funny little story of anti-drama from Azjol-Nerub -- a pally tank formerly in Cows with Guns stole the guild's Naxx ID one week right before Sapphiron and Kel'thuzad. But instead of whining to Blizzard or trying to attack the loser pally, the raid actually appealed to the realm's other guilds, and Centuria apparently answered the call, shooting the raidleader through a new version of Naxx, and then giving him the ID for that week so the guild could go back in and run it themselves. Very nice. Kudos to Centuria for helping out.
  • Suikoden, one of the "oldest active guilds on the Antonidas realm," had a little breakdown late last month. One of the guild's officers was unhappy that a few of his buddies had been kicked out for "misbehavior" (boy, we'd sure like to know what they did). So this guy, Sdolla, decided to instead empty as much as he could out of the guild's bank, change the GotM to profanity, and kick everyone he possibly could (over 240 members, we're told). Blizzard jumped in after a ticket and returned the stolen bank items, but Suikoden is trying to get the word out that if you got kicked, unless you're a buddy of Sdolla, it probably wasn't on purpose.
  • Not guild related but it's original enough that we'll go with it: Aliveknight apparently snuck in a second roll on a PuG, and the master looter didn't notice and gave him the item. When he was discovered (screenshotted, though we couldn't get those links to work), he quit the game, and then appeared in the forums claiming that he didn't do it -- he was sharing his account at the time. But the best part is on page 2 -- "Hookshot" posts and says that it's all the master looter's fault. But Hookshot's signature looks familiar somehow -- oh wait, it's actually Aliveknight's signature, and he's running a scam on two toons. Good call there buddy.
  • This, I think, is our first instance of vanilla drama -- Timeworn on Stormrage is a level 60 vanilla guild (as in, they haven't installed any of the expansions, and still raid things like Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. At least they were a level 60 guild, until, after Onyxia disappeared and AV got changed a while back, they decided to make the switch to level 70. The problem? They'd just invited a number of people from other guilds and servers to join them, who'd spent money and put items in the guild bank based on the assumption that they'd be a level 60 guild. One of the GMs from a guild that had transferred over took his items back, and we hear the GM of Timeworn posted angrily on the forums, claiming that the bank had been ninja'd. Meanwhile, a bunch of former Timeworn members have moved on to their own level 70 guild, called Limited Edition. They originally left because the same GM that got angry about the "ninja" tried to squelch even the idea that they'd move to 70 -- which turned out to be exactly what he did after they left. So much pre-Wrath drama!
  • Divine Alliance of Mok'Nathal announce the addition of a new member, Easton Cook, born September 14, 2009 to guild member Aerose (Michael) and wife Alison. We hear the kid is going to follow in his Dad's footsteps as a retadin/healadin. Yeah, right like the world needs another one of those. Wombles of the World on EU Stormrage also sends a shout-out to new parents of a son, Draeman and Blackqueenie. Congrats to all the parents!
  • I have no idea what category this story falls into, but where else are you going to hear a story like this? Alexzia over on Moon Guard does some morning raiding with TITAN over on that server -- they get up at 8am server time because most of the members work nights or later in the day. He got up early one morning to raid, and heard some beeping come from downstairs -- there was a gas leak in the apartment he shares with a few roommates. He woke them up, they got out of there and called the fire department, hit the ER for some oxygen, but were no worse for the wear. Alexzia says if it wasn't for his WoW morning raiding guild, he'd never have gotten up earlier, and the whole apartment could have completely succumbed to gas poisoning. His guild literally saved his life!
  • Wolfpack on Blackwing Lair has put 10-man Ulduar on farm, and has now finished off 10-man ToC as well. Hard modes are being worked on currently, and if you're down with their "we before me" attitude, you can join them, too. Hit up the website for more.
  • Malice on Haomarush has recently achieved the server first "A Tribute to Mad Skills (10 player)". They have cleared all content short of ToC 25, but they're on their way there now. They run two 25-mans and a whopping four 10-mans every week. That's a lot of guildies.
  • Pango Honoratus on Twisting Nether-H celebrated their second birthday earlier this month. They've cleared out all of Ulduar 25 up to Thorim, and are working on Anub (he's on notice) in ToC 25.
  • Friends With Benefits on Anvilmar, downed Sartharion 1D and the Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, Ignis, XT-002, Kologarn and Auriaya in Ulduar late last month. Most of them were new to raiding, too -- very nice start.
  • The Totally Rad Guild, fan guild of The Totally Rad Show, (wow, what a coincidence that they had the same name of a show they're fans of) on Executus finished off Algalon 10-man. Grats!
  • Balance of Judgement (on EUDarkmoon Faire-A) downed Mimiron, Northrend Beasts, Lord Jaraxxus, Faction Champions, Onyxia and Koralon, all 10-man normal. Congrats! Faction Champions was a two-shot. Sounds like you all need to get a 25-man team together.
  • Six Sigma, on Wildhammer, reformed just recently, and since then they've cleared out Ony 25, ToC 25, and Vault 25 without any wipes all in a single night, 25-man hard modes are being worked on right now. Grats!
  • Ten Ton Hammer on Hydraxis-H finally got Yoggy down last month, and then cleared out all of Ulduar 10. ToC 10 has also been cleared, and Siege of Ulduar in 25-man is down as well. They only do 10-man days and one 25-man per week, they say. That's a nice chunk of raiding, if you ask me, but good work nevertheless.
  • The Unspoken (Zangarmarsh-A) killed Onyxia 10, and Northrend Beasts, Lord Jaraxxis, and Faction Champions in ToC 10. They're also recruiting -- visit the website to learn more.
  • Affray on EU Darkmoon Faire is finishing off 10-man Ulduar, and halfway done with Ulduar 25. They're recruiting, too: more tanks and healers are sought, so if you are willing, able, and have a good attitude, apply on their website.
  • ominous latin noun on Uldaman-A succeeded in downing Mimiron on their first night checking him out, putting them, as they say, "within spitting range" of the top guilds on the realm. Vezax is on notice for next time.
  • Unity Path on EU Earthen Ring got a realm first of Celestial Defender for downing Algalon in Ulduar 25. Grats!
  • Integrity on Baelgun downed Yogg-Saron. Grats!
  • Obsidian Overlords (described as mostly a casual raiding guild) on Perenolde took down Yoggy 10-man for the first time earlier this month. Nice job.
  • Blood Bath and Beyond on Arthas-A downed ToC 10 for the second time the other week, and sent screenshots or it didn't happen. Ulduar 10 is next on the list to farm, and they're working on 25-mans with allies in Punishment.
  • Initech of Cairne recently split their raiding program into two 10-man teams. And it has proven to be a great success, as just this past week, one team got the guild first Anub'arak kill, while the other one got the guild first on Yogg-Saron! Excellent teamwork.
  • Avis est Vox (Wyrmrest Accord-H) downed Yoggy 10-man early in the month after several nights of wiping. ToC 10 was also cleared out, and so hard modes and ToC 10 Heroic are up next.
  • Disbanded from Kirin Tor picked up the realm first of Algalon 10. Nice job.
  • The "Not in the Face!" 10-man raid from megaguild Alea Iacta Est on Earthen Ring-H has completed Glory of the Ulduar raider. They're putting ToC's Heroic Anub on notice. The 25-man team has been doing well also, picking up Vezax and putting Yoggy on notice.
  • Insane Intentions of EU Alonsus have finally gotten Yoggy down, and then downed Iron Council hard mode to round off the night. They say their trick is to "put friendship and atmosphere above all else, and to keep a casual attitude to sobriety." Um, sure.
  • Scrubbusters finished off Yogg 0, but they weren't able to down the task of telling us what server they're on. Apparently he almost disbanded them, but bringing in some fresh blood helped him get beaten. Anub in ToC 25 Heroic is up next.
  • Ironfist on Arathor-A is recruiting all classes, specifically tanks and healers, though they'll take anyone who wants in on a laid back guild that passes on a DKP system or 20 hours of raiding a week. They didn't send a website address, so just go check them out in game if you're interested.
  • Guilda da Cerveja (winner of this week's Best Guild name award, because it's "The Beer Guild" in Portugese) is recruiting on Warsong-H. They like beer, and they like playing drunk in PvP and sometimes PvE. So you could probably rate them as casual, but in this case, casual equals fun.
  • We Take Candle (too bad I just gave away the guild name award, because that's a good one, too) of Magtheridon is currently opening recruitment to all classes and specs. They are a mature guild with experienced leaders looking to start pushing content as soon as possible. Visit the website if you're interested in joining.
  • Warcraft Addicts on Zuluhead-A is seeking ranged DPS and healers for 25-man Ulduar and ToC. No tanks or melee DPS needed, sorry.
  • Blackblood Freebooters on Twisting Nether-A are seeking all levels, classes, and races to increase their numbers. They're an RP/PvP guild, so they're planning to have widespread roleplaying events and assaults on Horde settlements. For more info, seek them out ingame.
  • Chaos Knights on Kirin Tor is a friendly guild working on raid progression that has just gotten their first full clear of Naxx 10 and are now working on EoE 10 with an occasional ToC/HToC run to help gear up those that need it. While they have their fill of paladins right now, they are recruiting all other classes with a particular interest in ranged DPS and healers. Gear is allocated according to who needs it and not who has the most kill points, so if you're down with that and looking for a friendly guild on the way to Icecrown, seek them out.
  • Vile Slander of Vashj-H is currently recruiting healers, but any class is welcome. They are a social guild that actually talks in Vent, and works on keeping things drama free. They focus on fun and teamwork, and are currently running heroics to gear up for endgame raiding. Friendly and mature (more or less) people are welcome to contact someone in the game, or just apply on the website above.
  • Dynamic of realm Dragonblight is looking for more people of all classes to fill out their 25-mans. They raid evenings and they've been rocking 10-man content, but need a few more bodies for the 25-man raids. Please be ready to show up regularly and pull your own weight -- I'm guessing they can help you gear if needed, but it'll probably be better if you apply with some gear of your own.
  • Glory of War of Lightning's Blade-A is a four year old casual raiding guild that formed from a pre-existing community. They are currently recruiting DPS and healers for progression in ToC normal and Heroic, as well as Ulduar. They're a mature core of raiders that knows how to have fun. Full on DKs and hunters right now, but are recruiting all other DPS and healing classes and specs.
  • Reading Rainbow on Ravencrest is a fairly new guild that's currently recruiting players who want to enjoy the game for what it is: a great activity to build long lasting friendships. They accept members of all levels and classes, and they have set up raiding ranks to let members who choose to focus their time on raiding. They're just starting out (headed into Naxx recently), but they're looking forward to progression, as well as some fun old-school raids as well. If you want to join them, seek them out in-game for more information.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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