SplitFish Dual SFX Frag Pro pairs button-enriched mouse with 'fragchuck,' ships November 10

For those of you not paying attention in class, SplitFish is a peripherals maker that, true to its name (or half its name, anyway), offers PS3 controllers that split the left and right hand controls into separate parts. The Dual SFX Frag Pro, its latest, comes with a 2,000dpi laser mouse to tempt those last few PC gamer holdouts to the dark side of consoles, and a three shoulder button-equipped directional pad for navigation. What can we say, it looks weird as hell, but the more we thought about it, the more we wanted to get our hands on a set to see just how games played with this unorthodox control scheme. Should you share our interest, you'll also want to know that pre-orders are being taken now for a cent under $90 in the US or a penny short of £80 in the UK, and shipping starts November 10.

[Via SlashGear]