French mag shoots DS through wall, we all win

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Richard Mitchell
November 5th, 2009
In this article: amusement, culture, DS, Nintendo
French mag shoots DS through wall, we all win
The simple truth is that we don't care why French magazine Amusement shot small electronic devices through a wall. Oh sure, there are reasons supplied. Specifically, the gallery in question is entitled "Overheating" and depicts several objects being hurled through a wall out of frustration -- including a DS Lite. Yet, once again again, the why really doesn't matter. The end result -- a flying, frozen mass of wood, sheet rock and plastic -- just looks cool.

And anyway, it's not like all of us haven't felt like hurling a console through the wall every now and then. Now we just have a handy visual reference.

[Via GameSetWatch. All images: Romain Laurent]

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