ASUS' $1,500 Core i7-equipped G51J gaming laptop gets reviewed

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.10.09

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ASUS' $1,500 Core i7-equipped G51J gaming laptop gets reviewed
Here's hoping you held off on purchasing that Core 2 Duo G51 just a few months ago, 'cause ASUS has just pushed out the exact same laptop with a Core i7 within and a price tag that's $200 skimpier. The G51J-A1 was launched alongside Windows 7, and the crew over at Hot Hardware managed to toss it on the test bench to find out what kind of gains could be expected when going from Intel's last-gen CPU to the newly-announced Core i7-720QM. The long and short of it is this: the new CPU enabled this machine to smoke the C2D sibling in every test, with graphical performance being nothing short of astounding. 'Course, the omission of a Blu-ray drive was somewhat of a bummer, but for just $1,499, it's not like we really expected one to be included. Hit the read link for the full skinny, but only if you've got some disposable income that you don't mind parting with.
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