iPhone app debuts for plastic surgery enthusiasts

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|11.16.09

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iPhone app debuts for plastic surgery enthusiasts
Dear reader, we think you're beautiful. We really do. But we hear you've got a "friend" who's been considering some nip / tuck action. Luckily there is now an iPhone app that will let him or her not only peruse the handiwork of a certain Steven M. Denenberg, M.D., of Omaha Nebraska, but it will put your friend in touch with him for a consult, if desired. Providing an important service? That's debatable. Worth the 99 cent price of admission? Probably not. PR after the break.

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Now There's an App for People Interested in Plastic Surgery

OMAHA, Neb., Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- An intuitive new iPhone application, developed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Denenberg, allows you to view hundreds of before-and-after photos, turn your iPhone around to take your own photos, and with the touch of a button, email them to the doctor with your questions - like a free online consultation - all while sipping your latte.

"The iPhone app is the next powerful communication tool," Dr. Denenberg said. "Just as most plastic surgeons now have Web sites, soon most will realize the value of using this new technology to describe their practices, display their skills, and give patients easy ways to contact them. With Apple on track to have 60 million iPhones sold by the end of 2009, and 120 million by the end of 2010, doctors can't ignore the importance of adding an iPhone app to their practices."

Dr. Denenberg's iPhone app is available by searching the App Store for "Denenberg" or going to http://www.App33.com, which contains a video of the app in operation, screenshots and instructions for using the app, and a link to the iTunes App Store to download the app. The app runs on the iPhone and on the iPod touch.

Dr. Denenberg is a facial plastic surgeon trained at Harvard and Stanford. Double board certified and in practice since 1985, Dr. Denenberg has been listed as one of America's Top Doctors by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. every year since 2004. He attracts an international clientele with patients from over 50 countries. Dr. Denenberg's Web site, http://www.FacialSurgery.com, is one of the most-visited plastic surgery sites on the Web, and has been recognized in Vogue and W magazines.

Dr. Denenberg has also started a company to develop iPhone applications for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, or anyone whose practice could benefit from showing their photographs to patients.

For additional information, contact:

Steven M. Denenberg, M.D.
Dr. Denenberg's resume: http://www.FacialSurgery.com/resume
Phone: 402-391-7640
After hours: 402-212-7640
Fax: 402-391-6352
Postal address: 7640 Pacific Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68114-5421
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