Imprudence 1.2 viewer for Second Life

Tateru Nino
T. Nino|11.28.09

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Imprudence 1.2 viewer for Second Life

Imprudence viewer logoThe Imprudence project has released version 1.2 of their Second Life viewer. Imprudence is one of our favorite after-market Second Life viewers, and after some months in beta (and a couple of false starts), the latest release version of this viewer is available.

There are some user-interface changes this time around, the ability to backup and restore your own intellectual property, an improved radar/minimap, improved third-party simulator support, RLVa support, optional vertical IM tabs, double-click go-to and teleports, more world map data and a host of other tweaks and features.

Here are the changes since 1.2 beta 2:

A Brief Guide to Imprudence 1.2

Imprudence 1.2 adds many new features, fixes, and improvements to the viewer experience. Here are a just few of the new features and improvements since Imprudence 1.1:

  • Backup your builds, your scripts, and your avatar's shape. If you created it, you have the right to back it up or move it to a different grid. (See Content Backup for more info).
  • Double-click Teleport and Autopilot. We've taken the popular double-click teleport feature and improved upon it. The default behavior can now be set in Preferences > Input & Camera. We've also added an ignorable confirmation dialog to reduce the chance of accidental teleportations.
  • Improved minimap with built-in radar. The minimap now has enhanced zooming and panning, a built-in avatar radar to see who is nearby, plus optional chat notices when avatars enter or leave chat range or the sim. (Enable minimap notify in Preferences > General.)
  • Improved OpenSim support. We've added a list of popular grids to connect to, as well as a grid manager so you can add your own. You can also enjoy many building benefits when using OpenSim, such as the ability to build and edit prims larger than 10m on a side!
  • Restrained Life support. Thanks to RLVa by Kitty Barnett, Imprudence now supports the Restrained Life API for BDSM items and scripted gadgets.
  • Windlight toolbar. We've added a new tab along the bottom of the screen for quick access to your Windlight presets and certain graphics options. We've also added a variety of Windlight presets from Ana Lutetia, CodeBastard Redgrave, and Torley Linden!
  • Numerous other features that improve the viewer experience, such as double-click to wear attachments in Inventory, optional vertical IM tabs (in Preferences > Communication), unread IM count, search inventory by creator or description, better profile window layout, select default chat channel, Link/Unlink in the Build window, sim avatar counts on the World Map, and many more.
Known Issues
  • "Advanced > Logout" may cause issues and is unsupported. Use at your own risk.
  • If you use the "--loginuri" command line flag, you need to also use "--login FirstName LastName Password" to bypass the login screen, or your server setting will be ignored.
  • Remaining issues from 1.2.0 beta 2:
    • Property lines for land parcels flash when you have selected an avatar in the minimap radar.
    • Many new UI additions only provide English text. We'd love to have some bilingual users help us translate them. If you can help, please post in the forums.
    • OpenSim 0.6.4 or lower causes the viewer to crash when other avatars are present. We strongly encourage all OpenSim grid operators to upgrade to OpenSim 0.6.5 or higher.
    • "File > Upload & Import" should have a confirmation dialog warning people about how much it will cost to upload all the textures.

This version of Imprudence includes the following changes, as compared to Imprudence 1.2.0 beta 2. For a full list of changes in past versions, please see the release notes for those versions.

Features / Improvements
  • Added saving and loading scripts to disk in the script editor. Thanks to the Meerkat team for this feature, and McCabe for porting it.
  • Added avatar shape Import/Export. You can only export shapes that you created and have full perms for. Thanks to the Meerkat team for this feature, and McCabe for porting and tweaking it.
  • Added an option for vertical IM tabs (Preferences > Communication > Vertical IM tabs). Thanks to the Emerald team for this feature, and McCabe for porting it.
  • The 'minimap radar can now be hidden via the arrow button in the bottom left corner of the minimap. Thanks so much for that, Jacek!
  • You can now search inventory by item description (Inventory > Search > By Description). Thanks to the Emerald team for this feature, and McCabe for porting it.
  • Added new options to configure double-click teleport and autopilot in Preferences > Input & Camera, and Disabled double-click teleport by default. Thanks, Jacek!
    • For the old "Double-Click Teleport" behavior, set Double-Click Action to "Autopilot", and Autopilot Style to "Teleport".
    • For the old "Double-Click Autopilot" behavior, set Double-Click Action to "Autopilot", and Autopilot Style to "Move".
    • Note: Autopilot Style also affects "Go Here/Go To" in the pie menu.
  • The Windlight Water window now has next/previous preset buttons, like the Sky window does. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Added "Max Particles" slider to the Windlight/Graphics tab on the bottom toolbar. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Added Check All/Uncheck All to the Make Outfit window. Thanks to the Meerkat team for this feature, and McCabe for porting it.
  • Windows only: Added "History" button to the IM and Group Chat windows to view your past chat logs with that person/group. Thanks to the Emerald team for this feature, and McCabe for porting and tweaking it.
  • Updated RLVa to 1.0.5e. Thanks for the update, Kitty Barnett!
  • Raised the World Map maximum teleport height to 4096m (it was 1000m). Thanks, McCabe!
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed RLVa not initializing in certain instances. Thanks, Kitty Barnett!
  • Fixed copy & paste and file selection dialogs not working for some Linux users. Thanks, Jacek!
  • Fixed "avatar_skeleton.xml cannot be parsed" error. You rock, Lilly Zenovka!
  • Fixed muting objects with same name as avatar mutes ScriptDialogs from avatar. Thanks for the patch, Geneko Nemeth!
  • Fixed some Build Math issues, related to the boost library. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed Hide Group Titles option not working. Thanks, McCabe and Geneko!
  • Partial fix for the parcel border flashing when a name is selected in the minimap radar. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Partial fix for avatar names not displaying at heighs above 1024m. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Set the upper limit of the chat channel selector to 1,000,000 (1 million) to work around a tricky rounding bug with higher channel numbers. To chat on higher channels, use e.g. "/1234567890 hi" in chat. Thanks, Jacek!
  • Fixed the login screen's grid selector box displaying the wrong grid after logging out. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed grid selection box not remembering the last logged in grid (defaulted to secondlife). Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed grid selection box not updating the splash screen. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed some branding issues in alerts and notifications ("Second Life" where it should be "Imprudence"). Thanks, Jacek!
  • Fixed "Sunset" mislabeled as "Midday" in Windlight Toolbar. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed several compilation errors and warnings. Thanks to Geneko and Jacek, and to Alissa Sabre for VWR-12620.
  • Fixed some issues with "Advanced > Consoles > Fast Timers" (SNOW-108, VWR-10214). Thanks for the patch, Robin Cornelius!
Other Changes
  • Moved "File > Logout" to the Advanced menu and added a note that it's unstable. Use this feature at your own risk!
  • Disable camera constraints also disables constraints when zooming out/zooming in and editing appearance. Thanks, McCabe!
  • The keyboard shortcut for View > Advanced Menu is now Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D on Linux. Mac and Windows shortcuts have not changed. Thanks, McCabe!
  • "Go Here" in the pie menu no longer asks for confirmation. Thanks, Jacek!
  • Ported the notecard security fix from SL 1.23.5. Thanks to McCabe for porting it.
  • Tweaked import menu item names: "File > Import Object..." and "File > Import + Upload (L$10 per texture)". Thanks, Jacek!
  • Added "File > Export Selected Objects". Thanks, Jacek!
  • Disabled facelight in Appearance mode when local lighting is disabled. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Combined the Mute and Unmute buttons in the minimap radar. Good idea, McCabe!
  • Changed the snapshot postcard text not to mention Second Life, like Meerkat does. Thanks to McCabe for porting it.
  • Applied patch for VWR-6787 by Alissa Sabre - 'none' text in group window not translatable. Thanks, Alissa!
  • Added "Advanced > Allow Multiple Instances" (allow multiple copies of Imprudence to run at the same time, for testing purposes). Thanks, McCabe!
  • Changed default UIScaleFactor to 1.002 as a workaround to some font rendering issues. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Updated the Linux version of fontconfig. Linux users may notice some minor differences in font appearance. Thanks, Jacek!
  • Updated several other Linux software libraries. Thanks, Jacek!
  • Finally packaged up the Mac development libraries. It should now be possible for (Intel) Mac users to compile Imprudence if they want to. Thanks for finally tackling that, Jacek!
  • Updated and fixed copyright and licensing information for many software libraries. Thanks, Jacek!

As always, you should consider the risks before installing third-party binaries on your system. Imprudence viewer 1.2 is available for Linux, Windows (with a special version optimized for SSE) and for Intel Mac, or go to the project's download page where you can also get the source code under the GPL license. As usual, the Imprudence team has provided a forum for feedback on this release so that you can pass on your experiences and suggestions.

There have been some isolated reports of library problems that caused this version to fail to start properly, but the developers seem to have most of this already sorted out.

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