Closed beta test for Mabinogi in Europe has begun

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|12.09.09

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Closed beta test for Mabinogi in Europe has begun
Hey Europe! Did you guys feel left out of the fun when we talked about Mabinogi? Well worry no more, as the free-to-play multi-faceted game is coming to your shores finally! (Which is kinda funny when you think about it, as Mabinogi is a Celtic-based game and is just now getting released in Europe.)

If you're looking for a beta key to jump into the test with, you can find the complete list of sites that are offering keys over on the Mabinogi EU website.

To accompany the game's launch, Nexon EU is hosting the first event of the game, the Mabinogi Fan Club. The most dedicated beta testers will win this event, as those who submit the most bug reports with significance will find themselves rewarded with a three month subscription to Mabinogi's "Fantasy Life" service package.

The beta testing ends on December 30th with a huge fireworks blowout, so enjoy the closed beta test while you can!
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