TIGA delivers petition for tax relief to UK government

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UK video game industry trade association TIGA delivered a petition today to 10 Downing Street (that's where Her Majesty ... oh, it's just the British Prime Minister's residence), seeking the introduction of Games Tax Relief. The petition was signed by 55 "senior industry figures," which gives the proposition a bit more weight than the standard internet plea. The argument set forth by Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA, is that "if it is right to provide tax relief for the UK film industry then it is also right to provide tax relief for the UK video games sector."

TIGA's push on the UK government is being framed as a matter of survival for the British games industry. The organization previously stated that 1,700 jobs will be lost without tax breaks and that the current government funding structure for the games industry is "incoherent." If TIGA doesn't receive assistance soon, the group can always accept the outstretched hand of assistance from the ominous-sounding "Shadow Cabinet."
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