Cyber Technology's UAV perches, stares, makes us a little uncomfortable (Update: now with video!)

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We've seen UAVs that hover in the past, but if you're looking for something that eschews rotors for nearly silent ducted fans, you'll need to get your hands on the cyberQuad by Cyber Technology. The fans don't produce sparks (which is why this thing was recently tested with much success in an extended survey of an offshore drilling platform / oil rig damaged by fire), and its "perch and stare" capabilities mean that it can find a stable spot and sit unattended -- not only saving battery time that would otherwise be lost by hovering in place, but taking it all in with whatever video equipment / sensors the operator might have placed on-board. Just the thing for sniffing out enemy combatants and relaying the info to your One Force Tracker-equipped iPhone, perhaps? Get a closer look after the break. [Warning: PDF source link]

Update: Thanks to Randers for hooking us up with some video of the thing in action. It still makes us a little uncomfortable, all that staring...

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