Camangi WebStation makes FCC test bench appearance, torn down for good measure

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|12.21.09

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Might this make it by the end of the year? Camangi has been touting its "early bird" pre-orders for the WebStation Android tablet for nearly a month now, and has been indicating things would ship before the month is through. Now we have confirmation that if that date doesn't happen you won't be able to blame the FCC. Our favorite US independent agency (next to NASA) issued its approval of the device back on November 14, and shared some lovely disassembly pictures for good measure (after the break). This means the thing isn't likely to kill you or to make your TV go all weird, but doesn't necessarily mean it'll hit your mailbox before the holidays are over. That, dear readers, is up to a higher power: Santa Claus.

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