Combination Mac mini, coffeemaker and subwoofer stuck in an iMac

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|12.24.09

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That's why, we're guessing, tinkerer Klaus Diebel put together this incredibly useful device that will make your coffee, play some thumping tunes, and do your computing tasks as well. He tells us it was something like that -- he really enjoyed the look of the gumdrop iMac, and has experimented with it a few times, creating both a mailbox and a birdhouse from the computer's case. And this one just sort of snowballed -- when he found that the Mac mini's optical drive slot fit perfectly with the iMac's slot, without any alterations at all, it had to happen.

And we're glad it did. The iMac is an exceptional little computer with a very distinctive form factor -- if you have to put a coffeemaker in the thing just to keep it on your desk, so be it!
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