Engadget's top posts, 2009

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|01.01.10

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Joshua Topolsky
January 1st, 2010
Engadget's top posts, 2009
Wow. Can you believe it? We made it all the way through 2009! We truly had some of the most amazing and exciting coverage ever on Engadget this past 12 months -- and we figured it's time to take a look back at the heaviest hitters from the last 365. This was a big year for us, we got a whole new look, an iPhone app (with more on the way), hired some new staff, got ourselves a show, went on late night TV, and managed to snap up some killer scoops and keep the news rolling (better than ever before, actually -- this was by far our heaviest year for traffic). So let's take a moment to reflect on what caused all the fuss in 2009, and yes, we know this list is Apple heavy. We blame you guys.

Top 20 most trafficked posts of 2009 (in order)
  1. Phil Schiller keynote live from WWDC 2009
  2. Live from Apple's 'It's only rock and roll' event
  3. Live from Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 preview event
  4. Live from the Macworld 2009 keynote
  5. iPhone 3GS review
  6. Motorola Droid review
  7. Palm Pre: everything you ever wanted to know
  8. Exclusive: first Google Phone / Nexus One photos, Android 2.1 on-board
  9. HTC Hero review
  10. Windows 7 review
  11. Palm Pre review
  12. Microsoft sucks at Photoshop
  13. Microsoft announces availability of Windows 7 Beta and Windows Live
  14. Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence from Apple due to health reasons
  15. Video: Sony's PSP Go leaks out before E3, is obviously a go
  16. Motorola Droid first hands-on
  17. Windows 7 Beta goes public
  18. Modern Warfare 2's Prestige Edition includes fully functioning night vision goggles
  19. Snow Leopard review
  20. Live from Palm's CES press conference

And a few other statistics for 2009 (all related to Engadget Classic):

$38,204.57 - Retail value of stuff we gave away to readers
12,681 - total number of posts for 2009
1,821 - Number of galleries on Engadget for 2009
454 - Number of hands-on posts
99 - Number of Engadget reviews
66 - number of podcasts
4 - number of Engadget shows
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