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Dead Rocking [update]


We just figured out what makes zombies so appealing to game developers. The Uncanny Valley effect created by motion-capturing real people (like Japanese punk band Gagaga SP) and transferring their movements to imperfect 3D models is a good thing when the result is supposed to be off-putting and creepy.

This video (it's the one on the far left of Capcom's movie player widget, labeled "new", if you're browsing the site) features cameos from a bunch of Dead Rising characters, as a zombified Gagaga SP performs the new Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop theme, called, uh, "Dead Rising." The very existence of this video has suddenly made the game more awesome! It's cool that Capcom has put so much effort into something this goofy and fun.

If you happen to have a Japanese cell phone, you can download the song. If not, and the song has well and truly bored into your head as it has ours, you're just going to have to watch the video again, or you can stream a sample of just the audio here.

[Update: added embedded video.]


[Via Wiiz]

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