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Death Knight gets Thunderfury


Here's a world first I never thought I'd see via The first Death Knight with a Thunderfury! Night Elf Death Knight Dragoth of Frostmane-EU grabbed the legendary sword a couple weeks back, and has the achievement to prove it (It's under the Feats of Strength category). Certainly, this was no small task in and of itself. Sure, you can probably do most of the questline with four or five people now, but you'll still find yourself in Molten Core begging for the bindings to drop for at least a few weeks, and that doesn't even count the elementium.

But of course, there's a pretty big question that's simple enough: Death Knights can get Thunderfury? Yes, the bindings are now usable by all classes. German CM Rynundu confirmed this, and added that a future patch will get rid of the class restrictions on the tooltip. I have to admit, I may be a 2-hander diehard, but I'd have to reconsider dual wielding if one of those weapons was the Thunderfury. The DPS is nothing to write home about anymore, but damn if it doesn't have style.

Now here comes the next question: Will we see a Warlock walking around with Thunderfury just for the heck of it soon? And will we see the class restrictions come off of Illidan's Warglaives? This certainly would seem to open the door to just that. I have to admit, a pair of those might look cool too. But I'll still laugh at you if you try to roleplay a Death Knight Demon Hunter.

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