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Live from Casio's CES press conference


We're kicking it live from Casio's CES press conference here in Vegas. If things progress in natural order from last year's presser, we can expect plenty of new cameras sporting innovative features like the super slow motion found in the EX-F1 revealed as production a year ago today.

11:35AM That's it, we're done!

11:34AM Demo done. Cute, but really, we can't imagine using this very often.

11:32AM Uh, they just put a little girl on the moon without a helmet.

11:31AM "The moving image composite, a world's first technology!" Meh.

11:30AM Now demoing a little girl moving inside of a castle she drew. The technology works by erasing the background. That's why Casio is using a solid white background to photograph the subjects before superimposing. It's the same technology we've seen from webcam software trickery that turns you into a pirate. Novel, but lame after a few minutes.

11:28AM Casio just brought a model on stage to demonstrating the handing of a gift (in full video) while superimposed on a birthday card, wedding card, etc, that can then be emailed.

11:22AM Demonstration time.

11:21AM Kazuo Kashio is now back on stage touting Dynamic Photo found in today's new cameras. World's first digital camera that can produce composite moving images for "photo taking enjoyment." Ooookaay.

11:19AM Here we go, another EX-FS10 that does 30fps. Hot, and damn that's small.

11:18AM Casio's ready to attack the broad consumer market with it's new high-speed cameras today. They've already got the "pro / semi-pro" and "skilled amateur" markets wrapped up.

11:16AM Casio's burst mode can even combine several blurred images from burst mode into a single focused shot.

11:15AM Casio is explaining how its burst mode technology takes photos faster than the human eye can detect. It can even slow down the action allowing consumers to extract the best individual frames.

11:13AM William Heuer, VP of Digital Imaging Casio America on stage. Damn... we'll have to wait for more detail on that sexy super slo mo' shooter.

11:11AM Casio's really pushing the whole high speed thing. Today Casio is introducing the same tech squeezed into an ultra-compact. "It will change the very category of the compact camera itself."

11:10AM Covering the evolution of digital cameras from world-first digital camera with built-in LCD monitor (QV-10), ultra-thin EX-S1, and of course, the ridiculous EX-F1 super slow mo' camera for consumers.

11:08AM Uh oh, translator speaking on his behalf. This could be painful.

11:08AM Kazuo Kashio, Casio president on stage. Happy New Year to you too sir.

11:06AM Talking about history of Casio innovation including the introduction of last year's intro of first high-speed camera EX-F1. 1200fps HD video recording, yeah, you remember.

11:04AM John Hammish, exec VP of Sales and Marketing, Casio America on stage.

11:04AM We're getting underway here. PR rep on stage.
Check the action after the break.

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