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TUAW Macworld Video: Griffin Technology


Although I'm the veteran of about a dozen Macworld Expos, this is the first time I've attended as a member of the media instead of as "just" a showgoer. Let's face it; the level of attention that you get from companies is a lot greater when you're writing or shooting video about a company's products than when you're one of tens of thousands of people cruising past a booth.

Still, I was unprepared for the gracious reception that I received at Griffin Technology when I visited to see what new products were released from the Apple peripheral manufacturer. Griffin has been making innovative products for the Apple community since 1992, and 2009 is no exception. The company has entered the Bluetooth headset market with the SmartTalk Bluetooth (featuring human voice prompting), pointed the way towards total control of FM radio with the Navigate with iFM, and shown that you don't need power to get sound amplification with the AirCurve acoustic amplifier.

Join me on a tour of Griffin's new and recent products with Jackie Ballinger from Griffin. This video report is part of our continuing and exhaustive coverage of Macworld Expo 2009.

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