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NVIDIA announces new GeForce chipsets for laptops, starts selling GTX 295s for desktops

Tim Stevens

Spare a thought for NVIDIA's GeForce 9M series of laptop GPUs, just announced this past summer and already being put to pasture by the newly announced G100M series. The first trio of members for the club are the G105M, G110M, and GT 130M. The G105M is intended to replace the 9200M GE and scores a 2177 in 3DMark Vantage compared to 1391 for the old one -- a tidy 56 percent boost. Meanwhile the G110M supersedes the 9300M GS, scoring 2481 and beating its predecessor by 35 percent, and the GT 130M beats the old 9600M GT's score by 17 percent. The chips are in production now and will be featured in Lenovo's upcoming Y-series laptops. Meanwhile, for those looking for a little boost at home, EVGA's version of the GTX 295 is now available for purchase -- if you have a spare $510 lying around.

Update: Sean just commented to let us know that there are other 295 flavors now available as well, some for a penny under $500.

[Thanks, Sean]

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