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Palm CEO says Europe gets Pre in the first half, too

Chris Ziegler

According to the press materials, Palm hadn't intended to announce a timeframe for the 3G GSM version of the Pre this week, but Ed Colligan can pretty much do and say whatever he pleases -- it's one of the perks of wearing the CEO hat -- and he's apparently mentioned in an interview with IDG that it'll roll out in the first half of 2009. That puts the model right in line with the launch window for the CDMA-based Sprint version, giving the carrier virtually zero exclusivity on the global stage -- so if 1337 h4x0rz can figure out how to unlock the thing (and if we were betting folk, we'd wager they can), this all means EDGE-only Pres could end up on AT&T and T-Mobile USA lickety-split. Even if that means losing the European 3G guts, you know you'd buy it. Come on now, don't lie to yourself.

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