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Top Global announces 3GSpot USB modem / WiFi hotspot


It doesn't exactly have a lot to show for itself just yet, but Top Global has just announced a reference design for what it claims is the world's first dual mode 3G USB modem and WiFi hotspot combo. Dubbed the 3GSpot, the device is software configurable to support all cellular standards, and the basic design is able to support multiple bands to ensure compatibility with carriers around the world, which Top Global says will let OEMs have one design/SKU that simply requires different firmwares for different markets. The device will apparently even boast on-board GPS "at no extra cost," not to mention all the usual security measures and, at just 2.5 x 4-inches, it'll be able to be integrated or simply offered as a standalone device. All that, of course, depends on some OEMs hopping on board, and Top Global unfortunately doesn't seem to be ready to announcing anything on that front just yet.

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