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WRUP: Wait, you're not Ross edition

You're right, dear Reader. I'm NOT Ross. Why? Because Ross is busy geeketeering with the Engadget crew in Las Vegas. He's probably very tired right now, and I think we should all send him our best wishes and hope he comes back soon ... also, he's on HQ cleaning duty next week, so seriously. Get back here.
  • Alexander Sliwinski: Continuing with Prince of Persia. Getting in some Sins if I get the chance. I probably should grab some Fallout 3 time, because the longer I leave that game alone, the harder it is to get back in.
  • Christopher Grant: I'll pretend to be interested in other games, but will eventually return to Fable 2 ... just waiting for the Knothole Island DLC to drop. If, by some chance, I can focus on any other game, it will probably be Prince of Persia and/or the last chunk of Mirror's Edge. But, honestly ... Fable 2.
  • Griffin McElroy: Is stuck "offline" after his trusty 486DX2 finally broke down.
  • Kevin Kelly: Fell asleep during the Activision press snoozer. Don't worry, someone will kick him out soon.
  • James Ransom-Wiley: Was planning to plod, co-operatively, through the Gears 2 campaign, until I found out my boy's copy had been ripped from its GameFly sheath before it ever arrived in his mailbox. How you gonna do him like that, USPS?
  • Jason Dobson: Sanity be damned, I'm going to finish Prinny for the PSP this weekend. Oh who am I kidding, I'm headed for a padded cell.
  • Justin McElroy: Is at CES, playing with a Bluetooth-enabled Skype-phone Netbook digital picture frame. It's this year's must-have gadget!
  • Ludwig Kietzmann: Has already played every game ever made, and will no doubt play through every Q4 release for the third (or fourth!) time, depending on game of course.
  • Randy Nelson: Everyone's at a trade show! My girlfriend is at -- of all places -- the Detroit Auto Show, so in her absence I'm going to brush up on my Rock Band 2 drumming skills in order to (perhaps) finally stand a chance against her when she gets home. I'll also probably play lots of CoD4. She has great taste in games, but no appetite for hardcore FPSs.
  • Ross Miller: I'm playing "how does this freaking DSLR work?" 28 hours in and I've earned just 1 of 20 Achievements so far: Accurately portray the Sony CES keynote for the crazy-awesome awkward mess it was.

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