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'Bob's Game' 100 day sit-in protest ends early, disturbingly

When Bob Pelloni, sole creator of Bob's Game, an old school RPG for the DS, announced that he would be locking himself in his room for 100 days until Nintendo granted him access to the official DS software development kit, we were fairly certain we were going to see the birth of a genuine indie dev folk hero. What we saw instead was the tragic dissolution of a grown man's sanity, and the apparent squelching of a project with some 15,000 hours of development time behind it.

In his most recent blog post, published today, Pelloni announced that he's ending his strike early (after a month of solitary confinement) due to a wicked headache, likely due to a fractured psyche. His post contains a scathing rant directed at Nintendo (a "heartless corporation, only interested in the biggest profits"), as well as a heartbreaking farewell to his five-year project. "I really wanted to finish this game," he concludes. For what it's worth, Bob, we really wanted you to finish it as well.

[Thanks, Greyline.]

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