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CES 2009: Joystiq rocks and loses Rock Band 2 tourney

Justin McElroy

We don't want to ruin the surprise, but we didn't end up winning SanDisk's Rock Band 2 Battle of the Bloggers. But Team Joystiq, comprised of Joystiqers Kevin Kelly and Justin McElroy, former Joystiqer Kyle Orland and GameDaily's Robin Yang. Our band was named, of course, AOL/Time Warner Inc. Presents Robin and the Stiqers.

Yes, we came in second, but it's actually good news for you, as we'll be giving away our consolation prize full of SanDisk goodies. We're not saying that the applause meter used to hand our victory to PC Magazine was rigged, but at least half of our band have opened for The Who. Make of that what you will as you watch the video right after the break.

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