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SiBEAM's WirelessHD chipsets enter into mass production

Darren Murph

Given that SiBEAM was on hand at CES showcasing a number of WirelessHD-enabled products, we can't say this tidbit is surprising in the least. Still, it is great to hear that its WirelessHD chipsets have entered into mass production, and better still, it's now prepared to "broadly expand partners' product development activity." It's hoping to broaden the technology's reach from wireless video area networks (WVANs) and AV transmission to consumer electronics applications (wireless iPods, anyone?) as well as PC virtual docking applications. We know it's still early to say, but we just might have our final two contestants in the forever long wireless high-def war: duke it out SiBEAM / AMIMON, and may the best transmitter win.

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