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Final Fantasy Legend 2 next from Square Enix's magical remake machine


The best RPGs from both Square and Enix are the ones made pre-merger (with the possible exception of The World Ends with You) -- we all know it, and so does Square Enix. That's why they've been loading up the DS with ports and remakes of their back catalogue. The strategy has paid off: the games have been well-received by critics and audiences alike, with Dragon Quest V one of the top ten best-selling games in Japan last year.

The next old game to be made new is SaGa 2, known in the US as Final Fantasy Legend II. This game is from before the SaGa series became terrible! The cel-shaded graphics and new art in the remake look quite nice, so we're expecting this Game Boy remake to be another winner for SE. We're happy to see the return of a Game Boy classic -- Game Boy remakes seem like naturals for the DS, but don't happen as often as we'd expect. Check out tiny screenshots in the full scan at the link.

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