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Fun with Death Knight data pt. 2

Michael Zenke

This pie shows the gender of the player, not the character. In WOW as a whole the ratio of men to women is still around 4.5 to 1, so the DK (at least as a main character) is definitely skewing to the manly players. Again, not really a shock to anyone.

Each column represents the average number of points spent in each tree by players with a DK as a main. I made the mistake of asking some DKs of my acquaintance to tell me a little more about the different builds. My head exploded. One of the people I spoke with, a former reporter who understands the perils of too much information, suggested I check out an uberguild's DK forum and provide a link, rather than try to regurgitate it all here.

Last, let's look over the Bartle data. Here's the breakdown for everyone who has ever taken the Bartle test:

Basically, this represents everyone's primary stat. So, if you took the quiz and your highest score was in the killer category, you would be represented in the killer pie wedge.

(Side note: These days, everyone wants their hired writer to be sure to include terms in the finished piece that will goose the Google ranking. GamerDNA is hereby claiming the hotly contested KILLER PIE WEDGE search term.)
Now let's check out the pie for WoW:

Why, I do declare... it's almost like WoW players make up such a significant part of the pool of users who have taken the Bartle that the results are similar. A single percentage point was subtracted from Explorer and given over to Killer, which, to be honest, kind of makes me giggle. I mean, of all ways for WoW players to deviate from the overall pool, an extra point to "killer" would have been my last guess.

But, as usual, I digress.

Let's see the pie for Death Knights.

You know that t-shirt that says "Join the Army: Travel the world, meeting interesting people, and kill them"? Apparently that is the official shirt of the typical Death Knight, or at least of the typical player with a Death Knight main.

So, to sum up. A Death Knight is probably a male, the strong silent type who really loves exploring and killing, doesn't go for the more fantastic race choices that often (but will choose a non-standard race more often than the general WoW player does), and really, really loves the game – because he's not only got his DK over 70, but his DK is at least his second character.

Your turn! How does your Death Knight deviate from the norm?

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